$75 Million+ Real Estate Duo Reveal How To Build A 7-Figure Short Term Rental Business (...Even If You Don't Own Any Property)

Glenn & Amber Schworm’s MillionAIReBNB Blueprint Will Show You How to Create Immediate Cash Flow and Build Long-Term Generational Wealth!  

(WITHOUT crazy amounts of upfront capital, legal hoops to jump through or a real estate license)


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Real estate has always been a popular industry for those looking for complete freedom in building the life they dream... and Short-Term Rentals are the fastest growing branch for good reason! With STRs you’ll not only grow your income but build real generational wealth, with more free time and less worry than the traditional model!

Whether you’re looking to supplement your income, build your retirement, or simply give yourself more flexibility, starting a short-term rental business is a great way to establish sustainable passive income and the financial freedom you've been looking for.

Whether you already have experience in real estate investing, or you’re just starting out, you have come to the right place. Glenn and Amber Schworm help ordinary people change their lives and reach their financial goals every day through real estate investing. 

Glenn &  Amber started their career in real estate investing out of sheer desperation. They were $80K in credit card debt and needed to make large chunks of cash to get out of it. In 2007 they flipped their first house and made $17,000, and on their second flip, they profited $33,000 in 33 days. They never looked back. Since then, they have added short term rentals to their business, rapidly expanding their portfolio every year and growing their income faster than ever (remember, paying down the mortgage on an STR is exponentially faster than with traditional rentals!)

The Schworms are proof that Real Estate Investment can change lives for the better, and that the risk is minimal if you have the right education, systems, and tools in front of you.

The MillionAIReBNB Blueprint is just the key to help you start living the life of your dreams!


Why Short-Term Rentals (STRs)?

They’re Here to Stay

STRs are increasing in popularity, especially among millennials. STRs are becoming the preferred method of travel over the traditional hotel.

The Flexibility and Perks

Own or operate your own vacation homes that you can personally use all over the country, or even the world, and have other people pay the mortgage while you get the benefits of creating equity and long-term wealth!

The Ability to Name Your Price

If your STR is in an area that hosts events you can increase your rates to increase your returns. Even with typical residential areas, you can increase your rates around popular holidays and seasonal or weekend stays.

More Control

With a traditional rental property, once the keys are out of your hands you may not see the inside of that house for years...leaving you with a potential load of work at the end of a lease. With an STR, the regular turnover of your home allows you to keep a close eye on your investment and its maintenance, saving more money and time with the same stability as the traditional route.

What You'll Get

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Learn from two of the best in the real estate investment business, gain invaluable insight from Glenn and Amber’s own experiences, and shave a ton of time and money off of the learning curve.

Start Building Your Short-Term Rental Business With Our MillionAIReBNB Blueprint Today!




Glenn and Amber Schworm are passionate about helping everyday people create wealth through Real Estate Investing. Their mission is to coach, lead and develop the next generation of real estate investors. They started with nothing, and have now flipped over 700 houses (including 13 short term rental properties) with complete success valued at over $75 million and counting, and still actively flip over 100 houses a year. Through coaching and mentoring, they have taught thousands of people their simple home flipping formula at their Home Flipping Workshop. Glenn and Amber continue to flip houses as they help everyday people “Find, Fund, Fix, Flip and Hold” properties to create immediate cash flow and assets that generate long-term passive income. They love helping people find success. Their knowledge comes from hands-on real life experience, the school of hard knocks, and strong desire for a better life for their family.

Their real estate career gave them a chance to start over, and today still continues to grow with them! Most recently, Glenn & Amber have moved from Upstate NY to their dream home in sunny Florida with their four children. Their mission is to coach, lead and develop the next generation of real estate investors, hungry to build the life they dream of too.